Is the Reservation Fee refundable and transferable?
No. The Reservation Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
When will the Equity and Processing Fee payments start?
30 days after reservation date.
Is the buyer allowed to change the due date of the Equity and the Processing Fee?
Yes. A Php 500.00 administrative fee shall be charged by the developer.
Is it possible to pay the HDMF amortization and equity simultaneously?
Yes, once the loan is taken out.
Aside from PAG-IBIG and HDMF Financing, do you have a bank or an in-house financing?
We only cater PAG-IBIG and HDMF Financing. Otherwise it is still subject for approval by the management.
Is the buyer allowed to transfer his/her reservation to another person or another unit?
The request shall be duly evaluated and if approved, there shall be a transfer/processing fee of Php 5,000 charged by the developer.
Is the client allowed to have a co-borrower that's not in any way related to him/her?
Yes, but it is still subject for approval by the HDMF Branch Manager or higher level of authority.
When will the title be transferred under the buyer's name?
  • For HDMF Accounts: After loan take-out
  • For Deferred/Spot Cash: After full payment.
Important note: Only the principal buyer shall be allowed and authorized to claim the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT). Otherwise, a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is required. But if the loan is availed through HDMF, the title may be claimed after the loan has been paid-off with PAG-IBIG.
If the buyer is not qualified for loan application due to income incapacity, is there any other option that he/she may still be allowed to avail for the loan.
Yes. They must have a co-borrower that is related to him/her within the second civil degree of consanguinity or affinity in order for them to be allowed to avail for the loan. The co-borrower may not be related to the buyer as long as the co-borrower is approved by the HDMF Branch manager or anyone on the higher level of authority.
When will I/we start paying for my/our monthly amortization with the PAG-IBIG Housing?
One month after the loan take-out or upon PAG-IBIG Fund's approval.
When will the client start paying the Real Property Tax (RPT) for his/her unit?
The year after their take-out year.
When can we move-in to our unit?
Upon completion of these following qualifications/requirements:
  • For HDMF / Bank Financing: Loan Take-out and at least 50% of Equity is paid
  • For Spot Cash- Upon full payment
  • For Deferred Cash- Upon 75% payment of the Total Contract Price (TCP)
When can we have improvements to our units?
Improvements to the unit will only be allowed if the unit owner has alread paid the construction bond. Payment of construction bond can only be allowed if the Permit to Occupy (PTO) has already been issued to the buyer.