Our Commitment

Our Property Management - in a Nutshell

Our in-house property management team is dedicated to serve the after-sales needs of our customers whose aim is to provide a positive and holistic experience for future homeowners.

  • Smooth unit turnover
  • Addressing unit concerns
  • Experiential subdivision living through professionally-trained property managers
  • Managing customer-related concerns and inquiries

The Johndorf Experience


“As a single mom, i wanted a neighbourhood that was peaceful, safe for my daughter growing up, as well as live in a property can call my own. My friend referred me to Johndorf Ventures and as soon as i saw the unit and the development, i decided to get it right away. Processing was fast and we’ve been having a great time living here.”
– Jen, Haniyyah Homes


“Last year was the first Christmas that my husband couldn’t celebrate with us because still had work overseas. Instead of celebrating it alone with my daughter, our neighbours welcomed us with open arms. We’re so happy to be part of this community.”
– Leizel, Astana


“Me and my husband aren’t originally from Cebu, and we wanted the best options if we were to settle down here. Luckily, we found our home here at Johndorf communities. It’s easy access for both me and my husband to our respective offices and is perfect for new families like ours.”
– Nathalie, Haniyyah Homes


“We were actually one of the first residents here in our phase. Before moving to our own unit, me and my family actually rented a different unit from the same community. We wanted to know how it was like to live in our soon to be home. Soon enough, we knew that we made the right choice of choosing Johndorf.”
– Vanizza, Haniyyah Homes


“It’s fun to live here in Astana, my kids love it here! Before, they would just stay inside our apartment and watch TV all day would feel like they’re locked up. Now, I’m happy that they can run and play inside a safe community without me being worried where they are.”
– Evonny, Astana